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NH Solar Panel Installations by Mark Flanagan, DTL Electric

Are you searching for sustainable ways to generate energy in your home? Converting your property to solar energy is a great first step. DTL Electric is proud to install REC and or Q CELLS solar panels. Each panel comes standard with a 1-year warranty, while our accompanying inverters come with 10-year warranties. If you need repairs or general maintenance in the future, our company is just a phone call away.

Solar Panels are a wise investment.

As a homeowner, you use a lot of energy. And as we all know, utility prices are always on the rise. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pay an electrical company thousands per year for your energy use? With a solar panel system, you won’t have to. Solar panels are known for being energy-efficient. Over time, you’ll notice an increase in savings. You may even qualify for tax credits and special rebates to offset the up front costs.

Why not let mother nature provide you with the clean energy your families needs? Invest in modern, clean looking solar panels to generate and or supplement your electricity needs for your home or business. 

Ready to start using solar energy to power your New Hampshire home?  Contact us today to get started.

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