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WHY turn to SOLAR

New Hampshire?


It's Simple Economics

  •  Hedge Against Rising Utility Rates
    As we all know, it’s pretty much a given that your utility provider will continue to raise prices on the cost of energy. Yet energy from the sun is both a constant, and free, as free today as it will be years into the future. 
  • Increase Your Home’s Value
    Did you know that the resale value of your home goes up once you invest in solar? The average value of a solar-enabled home increases an average of approximately $5900 for every additional kilowatt of PV installed. And while it isn’t that simple to calculate your resale benefit, it is simple to see that reducing energy costs increases attractiveness of your property when it’s time to go to market. Studies have shown that home values increase by $10-$25 more for every dollar reduction in annual fuel bills resulting from energy efficiency… See the Lawrence Berkley Study for more: click here
  • Energy Independence
    By going solar today, you’re helping to create new green jobs and green initiatives, locally. This in turn creates self sufficiency and reduces your reliance on the utility companies, and the ever-increasing fossil fuel imports from abroad.

And...It is Planet Friendly

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    Instead of powering your home with dirty fossil fuel, all the electricity comes from clean and renewable sunshine. Leave the oil, gas and coal in the ground where they belong and help the world conserve its natural resources. Your move to solar benefits the environment and encourages global sustainability, one ton of CO2 at a time.

So why go solar with DTL Electric? It's simple. It is the smart thing to do!


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